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* Zoek alle benodigdheden voor je kaart bij één, Prisma Color Potloden, reukloze terpentine, doezelaars, staz on black, en de benodigdheden om je kaart te maken en te embellishen.

English Translation:

When I make a card I always start with the choice of design paper, then I choose matching cardstock and a cute stamp. The set up of the card starts with a sketch, I frequently choose a sketch off the Internet but I adapt it to my own tastes. I pick out embellishments (brads, buttons, ribbon, flowers etc…) and start making my card! I stamp my images with black Staz-On, this is waterproof ink and I personally find this a very beautiful deep black colour. I used to use correspondence cards to stamp on but nowadays I also use watercolour paper (140 gr). I cut out the stamped image and sponge the edges with (again) a matching colour.

Colouring is done with Prismacolor pencils, odourless white spirits and paper stumps. At first I choose those colours that match nicely with the design paper and cardstock and I put these colours aside after I have tested them. Now I start by colouring the outside edge of the stamped image with a pencil of choice, then I dip the paper stump in the turpentine and sweep the colour towards the center so that you get a beautiful fading effect.

If I want more shade then I search a colour which is close to the first colour and draw once again (lightly!) and fade this as well, this way so get you a beautiful transition of colour. When you have done all this then let the image dry and since I am a glitter fan I frequently use glitter writers for accents.

About those Prismacolor pencils, these are no ordinary colouring pencils but these pencils have a very high quality of pigment and for this reason they are also more expensive than the regular colouring pencils.

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